This Friday the 13th Marks Flight 666's Final Trip to Hel

This Friday the 13th Marks Flight 666's Final Trip to Hel

Finland's national airline has flown passengers to HEL on Flight 666 for 11 years, with 21 of these flights on the "unluckiest" day of the year, a spokesman for the airline said.

However, the airline isn't done with eerily matched flights.

HEL of course, is the airport code for Helsinki, Finland, and Finnair's Flight AY666 took off from Copenhagen, Denmark, in the 13th hour of Friday the 13th, bound for Vantaa airport in Finland's capital city.

"Today will actually be the final time that our AY666 flight flies to HEL", a spokesperson for the airline told the Telegraph Friday. Getting in on the fun, the Helsinki Airport later responded to a second Flightradar24 tweet asking the airport if the plane would be landing at Gate 13.

The Flight number, 666, is widely known as the biblical "mark of the beast" mentioned in the apocalyptic Book of Revelation, and refers to the Antichrist who wreaks havoc on the earth before the second coming of Christ. Pilot Juha-Pekka Keidasto said, "It has been quite a joke among the pilots".

But for flying professionals, the flight with the bravest passengers in the sky is just another day at the office.

Additionally, Finnair revealed that this isn't the first time they've journey to Helsinki aboard AY666 on Friday the 13th. "It's only a coincidence for me".