OC4: Oculus' Nate Mitchell On VR Hype - 'Expectations Got Ahead Of Themselves'

OC4: Oculus' Nate Mitchell On VR Hype - 'Expectations Got Ahead Of Themselves'

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has unveiled "Oculus Go"- a new virtual reality (VR) headset.

The latest push from Oculus into VR was not to super-charge its high-end Oculus Rift, but to move into the lower-end of the pool - launching an untethered headset for $200 this week.

The Facebook-owned VR company Oculus will be launching a standalone VR headset early next year.

Oculus Go, on the other hand, features everything it needs inside the headset, providing a wire-free, simple VR experience.

They haven't rolled out any news about the breadth of software one can expect from the device, but I can only imagine that with the constant comparisons to the Gear VR that you likely won't be seeing any noteworthy VR titles from the Oculus Store or Steam VR's catalog make an appearance on the $199 device.

Facebook vice president of VR Hugo Barra called the device "hands-down the easiest way for developers to get involved with VR and said it "feels incredibly soft to wear".

Zuckerburg did confirm a $199 USA price tag however, leading us to believe that the standalone VR headset will cost £199 in the UK.

Lately, virtual reality has boomed due to the impressive advances it represents, and the enormous range of things people can do with it.

The Oculus Go is billed as simpler than the Rift, which went on sale previous year, or the Vive system made by HTC Corp. That naturally leads to more mobility and freedom while allowing users to soak into the content with all the liberty that they can dream of.

As revealed by Oculus, another positive aspect with the Oculus Go is its compatibility with standard Gear VR apps. "If we assume 15% is going to VR that would imply over $5.5 billion in spending, which we see as more than adequate to accomplish it's billion-user target". In fact, he suggested that developers start by "sprucing up some Gear VR-level things", not bringing Rift games over.

Facebook has financed heavily in virtual reality hardware products to include a 360-degree panoramic view of faraway or imaginary spaces, and Facebook hopes a niche concern to a widely used platform for gaming, communication and business applications. The built in audio driver also means no need for a separate set of headphones.

The newly-announced headset is equipped with a new generation of lenses.