MA committed to Obama-era Clean Power Plan

MA committed to Obama-era Clean Power Plan

"That's not how a regulatory body ought to act", Pruitt said.

Republicans praised Pruitt's move to repeal Obama's signature climate policy. Pruitt's rule wouldn't become final for months, and is then highly likely to face a raft of legal challenges.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has announced he'll go to court to block the Trump administration's repeal of the Obama-era Clean Power Plan.

"It's a wholesale retreat from EPA's legal, scientific and moral obligation to address the threats of climate change".

"Replacing the Clean Power Plan with a polluter-approved alternative is not making America, or Colorado, great", said Zach Pierce, senior campaign representative for Sierra Club's Beyond Coal Campaign in Colorado.

"The Obama administration pushed the bounds of their authority so far with the CPP that the Supreme Court issued a historic stay of the rule, preventing its devastating effects to be imposed on the American people while the rule is being challenged in court", Pruitt said in a statement. His administration has promised to reduce regulations on coal and drilling, which tend to be in states that form part of Trump's voter base.

The narrower rule would focus on obtaining efficiency improvements through better heat rates at coal plants - an "inside the fenceline" regulation, rather than a sweeping change to the national power mix. The store's owners have had to lay off about 60 percent of its workers in recent years. We are concerned that the ambition for cleaner air and cleaner power generation may be undermined by the elimination of an important vehicle for propelling emissions reductions.

"A lot of damage has been done", said McConnell, a Kentucky Republican.

The Obama administration issued the plan in October 2015, requiring coal-fired power plants to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 32 percent from 2005 levels by 2030.

With its proposed repeal Tuesday, Trump's EPA is siding with the plan's critics in arguing that it dictated overly broad changes to the USA energy system, rather than setting mandates on specific power plants.

The plan was announced two years ago to cut greenhouse gas emissions from power plants to curb global warming.

However, the EPA in the draft document stressed it has not determined whether it would regulate carbon emissions and requested industry comments to inform its next steps.

On Thursday, Trump nominated former coal-industry lobbyist Andrew Wheeler to serve as Pruitt's top deputy at EPA — one of several recent political appointees at the agency with direct ties to the fossil fuel interests.

The Clean Power Plan sought to reduce carbon emissions in the United States from power plants for the first time - in line with commitments taken by the Obama administration under the Paris Climate Agreement, from which Trump has declared his intention to withdraw.

More than half of Americans also believe changes in the climate as responsible for the severity of recent hurricanes, according to an ABC News/Washington Post poll conducted in mid-September.

"This president has tremendous courage", Pruitt said Monday.