Feinstein running for reelection next year

Feinstein running for reelection next year

Democrat Dianne Feinstein, the oldest current USA senator, said on Monday she was "all in" to run for re-election next year in her home state of California.

The announcement was first tweeted by an unverified Twitter account affiliated with Feinstin.

At 84, she is the oldest current member of the Senate; she would be 91 if she won next year and finished out another six-year term. "But there's still so much work left to do, from ending gun violence, to combating climate change, to ensuring proper and affordable access to healthcare, and to giving DREAMers the chance to stay in the United States". "I'm all in!" Feinstein said in a tweet.

Feinstein's decision to run again probably foregoes a costly and potentially chaotic primary campaign to succeed her - although progressive Democrats in California have been clamoring for a primary challenge to her, with some in her party believing she is too moderate or accommodating to Republicans in the age of Trump. "It can't be changed by another president", said Feinstein, D-Calif., a longtime advocate of stricter gun control measures.

The mere implication that Trump could be a "good president" drew the ire of state Senate president Kevin de León, whose recent two-day trip to Washington was seen as laying the groundwork for a potential Senate run.

Feinstein is one of eight octogenarians in the US Senate.

Feinstein's California colleague, Sen.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Garcetti wrote, "In this topsy-turvy world of the Trump administration, we need her seniority and her experience now, more than ever", in an invitation to the fundraiser, which he is co-hosting with his wife, Amy Wakeland.

The rising liberal star Sen. "We are better off with her leadership and I look forward to continuing to fight together for California in the Senate".