Sony PlayStation VR supports HDR

Sony PlayStation VR supports HDR

This news comes nearly a year after the first one launched, and with this new model, Sony aims to fix some problem points that were present in the original.

The new PS VR model is now being launched in Japan on October 14, bundled with a PlayStation Camera, retailing at ¥44,980 ($400). For users of the old PSVR, headphones had to be connected via a 3.5mm port on the side of the remote some way down the cable. You can play HDR games on your compatible television without having to disconnect the box first. It has an updated Processor Unit that supports HDR.

Model number CUH-ZVR2 has not been announced for Europe, so its unclear if this version will be available in the United Kingdom anytime soon.

They note that AMD, who powers the Xbox One X, has recently purchased Nitero, a company that previously received investment from Valve and who makes "wireless technology specifically tuned to make VR headsets wireless while still offering high fidelity". The new unit confirmed in the blog's "Ultimate FAQ" will feature a refresh of the systems cables and processing unit. This is due to the cables being different on each of the models.

The new line of headsets doesn't have any new huge features, but a number of small enhancements that may equate to a big change. In the new model, the headphone jack is not on the wire hanging from the headset, instead, Sony moved it to the back of the gadget. Customers should be on the look for that.

The new headset is still compatible with all existing PS VR games, and is likely to go on sale in the United Kingdom within the next few months. So if users already have a steadily growing library of games, they don't really need to worry about compatibility. Simply put, if you've an old VR headset and want HDR passthrough, you're going to have to buy PlayStation VR a second time.

Sony announced the news in a press release this morning, saying that John "Tsuyoshi" Kodera, the current deputy president of Sony Interactive Entertainment, will assume Andrew House's former responsibilities. The upgraded PS VR's successor could likely be less than three years away... Hardcore players will care about the new Twitch update, allowing the PlayStation 4 Pro to support 1080p 60fps streaming on Twitch.