Prince Harry Just Did The Cutest Thing At The Invictus Games

Prince Harry Just Did The Cutest Thing At The Invictus Games

Prince Harry's girlfriend was surrounded by bodyguards during the Invictus games, giving her a taste of what life as a royal will be like if she and the young royal get married. Yes, he is Royal for sure, but one needs his or her popcorn tub to dig into every now and then.

Prince Harry teasing the toddler and making some amusing faces. Fortunately for the prince, the adorable perpetrator was only after Harry's popcorn.

But once the little girl's antics caught his attention, Harry gave her his full attention, feeding her popcorn and even going as far as to make a range of silly faces, much to her delight. According to a Telegraph report, the little girl was two-year-old Emily Henson, the daughter of David Henson, the prince's paralympian friend.

After teasing her and making some amusing faces, Harry finally agreed to share the popcorn.

Moments later, Prince Harry got involved with the cute girl and tease her by offering more popcorns but the moment she tries to grab it, Harry puts the popcorns and feeds himself. They can be seen having a good time at the Games.

It appears that Prince Harry won't have to dip into his pocket to ensure his girlfriend is safe after NBC made a decision to foot the bill.

A toddler has become the unlikely star of the volleyball at the Invictus Games, after sneaking a few pieces of popcorn from Prince Harry.