Woman With Machete And Gun Really, Really Hates The Kardashians

Woman With Machete And Gun Really, Really Hates The Kardashians

A woman with a loaded gun threatened a cashier at the Kardashian family's DASH store in West Hollywood on Thursday. Upon her return to DASH, Medrano brandished a machete and threatened harm to Kim Kardashian West and her famous fam.

In a freakish incident, an agitated woman brandishing a machete recently threatened to kill the "Kardashians" outside their store.

The woman entered the store in the 8400 block of Melrose Avenue around 11:19 a.m. and pointed the gun at an employee while mumbling incoherently, Watch Sgt. Diana said.

The Kardashians can never get a break, can they?

However, the woman later returned with a machete, with her rant outside the shop captured by local TV crews.

The woman pointed a handgun at an employee after shouting, "Stay away from Cuba", then knocked things off the counter before walking out of the store, police said.

A second search was conducted, but again, the woman wasn't found. Investigators are examining security video of the incidents in an effort to identify the woman.

"The Kardashians will be executed if they step on communist territory", Medrano shouted, according to NBC4. "They'll be fucking killed".

Police arrested the woman using surveillance video to track her and charged her with assault and criminal threats.

This was not the first time an attacker went to the Kardashians' boutique. And who could forget Kim's Paris robbery in October of past year?