Snubbed By Trump, Pakistan Protests Against Greater Role Of India In Afghanistan

Snubbed By Trump, Pakistan Protests Against Greater Role Of India In Afghanistan

"I've been to six of our seven army corps, and they all greet you, and the people of the United States, and the American soldiers and officers who fought shoulder-to-shoulder with them", said Mr Ghani at a joint news briefing with US President Donald Trump in NY. "Pakistan has never had this type of dialogue with the U.S. and I hope that wisdom and shared national interests will prevail".

Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi informed the world in his maiden speech to the 72 session of the United Nations General Assembly without directly criticising the U.S. policy on Afghanistan and South Asia.

Pakistan has always been urging Afghanistan to shun rhetoric and engage into meaningful dialogue not only for resolution of differences between the two countries but also on how to promote Afghan national reconciliation which is very vital to peace, stability and progress of the region. We were just discussing that.

The Afghan president told the United Nations that even with the impending 3,000-man increase of the USA military presence in his country, the bulk of the fighting against the Taliban and other terrorist groups will be undertaken by his country's own armed forces. We do not ask for a blank check. Problem began with Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and Pakistan has been paying the price in terms of bomb blasts, suicide attacks, acts of sabotage and hosting world's largest number of refugees despite apathy of the global community towards refugee issue.

He said he believes it will not take another decade to win or settle the war but rather "some limited years".

Even as US President Donald Trump calls for a greater role of India in the war-torn Afghanistan, Pakistan has protested against India helping in the Afghanistan efforts. "The cloud of uncertainty has been lifted", Ghani said to reporters.

Pakistan was left fuming after Trump had hurled similar accusations at Islamabad as he unveiled the new Afghan strategy back in August.

Ghani said that 16 years after the September 11, 2001 attacks in the USA, which resulted in a US invasion of Afghanistan, violence by terrorist groups remained a substantial threat in the country.

According to USA estimates, government forces control less than 60 percent of Afghanistan, with nearly half the country either contested or under the control of insurgents.

President Trump is praising the "great progress" made in conflict areas throughout Afghanistan. "The United States and our allies are working together throughout the Middle East to crush the loser terrorists and stop the reemergence of safe havens they use to launch attacks on all of our people". "It has much to lose by continuing to harbor terrorists".