Kenya opposition party: No repeat election unless demands are met

Kenya opposition party: No repeat election unless demands are met

However, the court ordered a fresh vote to be held within 60 days.

The court was offering a detailed ruling as to why it annulled the August 8 election and ordered a fresh presidential vote within 60 days.

Wednesday's detailed ruling, plus opposition demands for an overhaul of the commission and warnings from the French firm that provided digital voting kits that it will not be ready on time, have raised fears it will be impossible to meet the poll deadline.

Chief Justice David Maraga declared the presidential election, and Kenyatta's victory, "invalid, null and void" on September 1.

Giving the full reasons for the cancellation of the election, which IEBC gave to incumbent President Uhuru Kenyatta, Kenya's Supreme Court rebuked IEBC officials for bungling the transmission of results and basing the outcome on dubious documents.

Details of the potential delay for October's re-run emerged in a letter from OT-Morpho to the electoral commission, obtained by Reuters news agency.

OT-Morpho said an "in-depth audit" of the system showed the opposition's claims about hacking were untrue.

"The appointment takes immediate effect", Chebukati said.

"As a effect, in the scope of the fresh elections, OT-Morpho has to reinstall a fresh new RTS system as well as all 45,000 KIEMS kits", it said, referring to the computer system for transmitting provisional results and to the laptops used for biometric ID.

The country now faces new elections in October, and possible lengthy political instability.

Meanwhile, Jubilee MPs and senators are planning to trim the powers of the judiciary following the Supreme Court's ruling which annulled Kenyatta's poll win.

' We shall pass laws to protect the decision of the voter to stop some institutions from making decisions that annul the decision of a voter, ' he said.

His strongly-worded statement, which was made on behalf of the Judicial Service Network, condemned the "unlawful" acts of some of the demonstrators, which he said were "savage in nature".

Maraga said at a news conference Tuesday that the justices have been receiving "aggressive" threats since they issued their ruling. Maraga said the opposition had failed to show evidence Kenyatta had campaigned using state resources or undue influence.

He said the forms used to declare the results of the elections lacked the required security features, with at least 157 forms containing the presidential results not stamped to certify authenticity.

Odinga claimed that the criticism of Maraga - who was part of the panel that nullified the election result - was an attack on his community.