Donald Trump hits back at Clinton, with a golf ball, on Twitter

Donald Trump hits back at Clinton, with a golf ball, on Twitter

Trump has not held back on roasting Hillary Clinton upon the release of her book and his retweet this morning only adds insult to injury.

The recording is altered to influence it to seem like Clinton is hit in the back with a golf ball before her fall.

It's not the first time Trump has come under fire for tweeting edited video in which he could be seen to be promoting violence.

White House spokeswomen did not respond to a request for comment.

In a pair of tweets last week, Mr Trump took direct aim at Mrs Clinton.

Trump hammered Clinton over her new book prior this week as well, tweeting that she "accuses everyone (and everything) except herself for her decision misfortune".

Donald Trump's itchy Twitter finger has plunged the president into controversy again after he shared a clip depicting himself striking former opponent Hillary Clinton with a golf ball.

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Donald Trump hits back at Clinton, with a golf ball, on Twitter

The GIF shows Donald Trump hitting a golf ball into the back of Hillary Clinton.

Trump gleefully offered an update on North Korea, nicknaming Kim Jong Un "Rocket Man" and relaying that South Korea's President Moon Jae-in told him North Korean citizens are lining up in gas lines. Asked him how Rocket Man is doing.

Both leaders' offices said Trump and Moon pledged during their call to work with the global community to ramp up pressure on the North Korean regime, which has so far been undeterred in advancing its nuclear and ballistic missile program despite a tightening of worldwide sanctions.

Trump associates have previously dismissed criticism of such retweets, suggesting they were meant to be humorous.

Trump has promised to rescind protections for those undocumented immigrants and said during the campaign they would have to be deported.

But it was also celebrated by Trump supporters, who admonished "crooked Hillary" and accused Mr. Trump's critics of lacking a sense of humor.